Soda Lake
A racy crime thriller. (No spoilers here)
One of the chapters has the title at the top of the page
"Got a devil's haircut in my mind" which is a lyric from
a punk album by Beck Hansen. Many meanings for the words
have been offered, but here is my parallel thought.
US Marines sport haircuts leaving them virtually bald.
Our main protagonist in the story is no longer a marine
but when evil thoughts are circulating in his head,then
it could be said that the Devil has gotten hold of his
brain and changed him back to the violence he had learned
in the Marines, plus it's an interesting soundtrack.

 Main Characters 
Mike Russell.  An ex Marine now self employed, who meets a 
woman quite by chance which changes his life. The story is 
told largely in the first person from his viewpoint.
There are scenes of a sexual nature mostly triggered by
the second protagonist Mirriam who encourages him.

Mirriam.  A married woman, still a very attractive person 
who becomes a 'cougar' To say more would prevent you from
discovering the details for yourself. Wealth and boredom 
has created many cougars in California.

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