Heavens Kingdom
A science fiction thriller. 
This is the second novel in the trilogy Cesars Colony
and is a continuation 12 years after that novel ended.
The key players are twelve years older but not it seems
necessarily any wiser. The planet they visited is still
there beckoning our players to return again.
Is there humor and pathos in this volume? You betcha as
Sarah Palin would say.
Does the bad guy get his just desserts?
Does the good guy get the girl?
For that you will need to read the book. No spoilers here

 Main Characters 
Yara Pavel.  She's still here and ready, willing and able 
to join the crew of the 2nd United Nations expedition to 
survey the planet. That's all I am going to tell you.
You don't have to have read Cesars Colony first before 
reading Heavens Kingdom, but yes, it would help.

Lawrence Dupin. Ah, Inspector Dupin has fallen foul of 
the demon drink and gambling. He took early retirement,
leaving younger detectives to fight the fight.

Cardinals in Rome. Yep, the red cloth is still here. As 
they say, You don't expect the Spanish Inquisition. This 
lot are still trying to prove the Earth is flat and 6000 
years old. It makes it easier to deny evolution.
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