Cesars Colony
A science fiction thriller. 
The story of an ill-fated mission to a nearby planet, 
whose characters are caught up in mystery and 
intrique both at home on Earth as well as on the 
planet they intend to explore.  
The largest mission crew ever assembled are sent to 
survey and investigate a planet but their activities 
are in jeopardy as the story unfolds. Here on earth, 
human elements of the plot take on shades of a farcical 
whodunnit as their agents strive to uncover the who, 
why and where at each twist of fate. 

 Main Characters 
Yara Pavel.  An unmarried graduate in Astrophysics, she
joins the crew of a United Nations expedition to survey
a planet in our solar system. Her research, personal life
and tragedy are the central core of this first novel of a
trilogy in space. 

Lawrence Dupin. Together with his junior, Dupin is a police
inspector in a Murder Squad investigation related to the 
crew as they leave Earth on their expedition.

Cardinal Bruscatti. Religious fervour related to the core
of the expedition leads to some dirty politics instigated
by the Catholic church in Rome by this man and his agents.

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