Siranons blog
The author lives in Lanarkshire,Scotland and has written four
novels with more planned. They are available in large type on 
request. (The James Bond novel is large print 15pt to show you
an example.)
The following errors were discovered after the first shipment
of Soda Lake

p77  'car' is missing,should be  'then I sat in her car'
p91  'them leaving her door-opener'       remove 'them'
p91  'hood of the 'car'                  car is missing
p120 'in a car or possibly up on a roof' car is missing
p140 'page advertising MGM Poler'       should be Poker
p143 'within 50ft if the head'       should be 'of' the

About My Books:
Let me say from the outset that my novels are being printed by
CreateSpace an arm of Amazon. They and ten other companies are
known as Vanity Press. They will print anything you ask
(novels,coffee table books,video-CD,audio-CD) on-demand and it
is then listed on Amazon. This truly is the emancipation of the
free press. Even though you may stink as valueless, trite and
pandering to your own vanity, it will get printed. It may also
get merciless reviews rated 1 (lowest) if it's really bad.

I'd like to think my novels have some worth, but the proof is
to publish under a pseudonym and not, as does happen, have your 
book ghosted and sell millions just because you are a starlet.

There are three distinct phases to writing, assuming you don't 
type at three words per minute. There's writing and then 
there's correcting, probably within an hour.  I just typed 
wothing instead of within, a moment ago. amd caught it. but
if I am on a roll and put down say five pages or more, then
I could well miss it. Spellcheckers are fine but are imperfect
and the worst errors are missing words. Also, Grammar-Style
checkers dont seem to work for me especially in dialogue pages.

Days, even weeks, after writing, a glaring error leaps out 
from the page, and you think how could that possibly have escaped
re-reading the page. I don't have an army of staff, so I found 
the best way is to read something - another novel - and forgotten 
mentally, so the text is being read fresh again. Then they
come piling out, some howlers, some missing words.
Reading a new crime novel I found "MGM Poler Tournament"
a reference to POKER you idiot! but K and L are right next
to each other on the keyboard. I had missed it 50 times.

The close encounter of the third kind is thinking you wrote
a fact or element required later in the story, when you
didn't and a fresh reader says wait a minute, how did the
police know your identity? You forgot, and assumed in your
mind that fact was already written chapters ago! - error!

Humor in my writing:
I do enjoy dropping a laugh into my work. There you are
deep into a dreadful scene where murder or mayhem has
been committed and you have expectations of a bloodied
corpse being hidden in the trunk of a car. Why not have a
hand or a foot have the lid of the trunk crash down five
times before the villain notices and tucks it in.

Then have the Medical Examiner in a drole humorless
style write his notes.  "Deceased appears to have multiple
contusions across the left wrist, consistent with her
hand smashed by a blunt object. Possibly the murderer
still nursed negative feelings despite choking her to
death with her poodles dog leash."

Too much ?   I can edit it.

About Me (real experiences, fodder for novels) So, where to begin? It's mid May 2017 and mid Elect Mrs May if you are of a conservative bent. If not you are stuck for choice. The Corbynistas are in bad shape, as is Corbyn himself. I have never seen a political figure less electable in my life. It's like he had been told to say nothing, they'll vote for the Party but say anything and they won't. Come to think of it St.Theresa is somewhat similar except for her mantra 'Strong amd stable...' Chanted enough times the zombies will shuffle off their bandages and head to the Polling Stations. Those bandages by the way are free on the NHS. It's all that will be free when Tory Central gets to grips with socialism. But enough ! Why talk doom when I should be telling you about me and books and things. About Me: I have traveled extensively. When I was not yet forty, I roamed Europe both for employment and on vacation. And Then I lived in America for a while. Thirty years to be truthful. And now I an back in Scotland, probably until I die or win the lottery. I'd still like to visit Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro and maybe New Zealand but all three would be pricey. Therefore I will settle for Manchester where I found the number of fine restaurants to be amazing, so email me if you know of a diner where entering a 'Zealanderie' throws you back thirty years in time to a setting where the waiters are white and offer service and the food, probably lamb, is delightful. Don't tell me I am racist. I once stayed in a nice hotel outside Portland,Oregon where I got in late and said "I guess the restaurant is closed?" "no, are you a resident? we'll serve you momentarily" and they did. When my waiter took my order, I looked him over. Probably my age. "Are you standing in for the waiter?", I asked "No, it's my job" he said. I had become accustomed to life in Southern California with waitering being a Hispanic trade. OK now call me racist if you wish. But it's true.
About Work and free beer in California: Sometime in 1989 I needed an office because I was self-employed working out of my bedroom at the time. A Serbian friend had started a liquor importing business which demanded he have a secure ware- house, so I ended up using part of his office space above the ware- house. Two guys one Serbian and one Californian ran the business; constantly broke and constantly borrowing money from parents,anybody including me. They couldn't get the product out of the bonded docks in Los Angeles until it was paid for. Once they got it shipped to Youngs Markets, they got paid and were flush with money until their supplier invoice became due. Then it was poverty again. So once I became a source of money to them the first time, Ricky the American would appear at my desk around 5pm with sixteen ounce bottles of cold beer. Shortly after he would tell me they were a grand short of the amount required to get a shipment out of bond. After the second time, Ricky suggested a loan with interest. Just one thousand dollars. I refused. As they grew their business, the cash they recived from Youngs grew, but so did the amount required to pay Los Angeles Custom House. They were constantly poor. My refusal meant they had to whine at mom & dad for the cash and then as a last resort come to me, and that's how it went. They were importing Chinese beer - Snowdrop brand, and various slivovitz brands Serbian,Croatian and Macedonian included. If you were Croatian you would buy Croatian Slivovitz only and not Serbian. Practically one tastes much like the other, a plum brandy. My friends imported all types and at feast days like the religious holidays, they did great business. Everything went great until 1991 when ethnic differences boiled over and Milosevic and Ratko Mladic started a war between Serbia and the rest of Yugoslavia. Bill Clinton eventually bombed the city of Belgrade in reprisal. I well remember finding Dusans mother crying as she watched the affair live on CNN. They were from Belgrade. It was an emotional time all round. Meanwhile we were drinking free beer in the warehouse office every night like, it was bad in Belgrade, but business is business. Then one day they got a letter from US State Dept announcing an embargo with Serbia. No invoices could be paid and no new business started with Serbia. They could still import liquors from the other Yugoslav states,just not Serbia, which was the biggest invoice they were paying. They got emails and letters from the distillers asking if they could give cash to old Uncle Grigor in Glendale who would smuggle the cash back home to Serbia. But to Dusan and Ricky this was suddenly a free loan and they used it as such. They started buying food items from Hertzogovina who were desperate for foreign dollar trade. But it all fell nowhere close to the cash trade in Serbian liquor. One night I was entering the warehouse by the front door, and a black Mercedes drew up at the rear entrance. Two guys got out wearing black leather jackets. They started talking to Rick who was then joined by Dusan while I was doing my computer thing upstairs. After an hour, Ricky came upstairs followed by Dusan moments later once their two 'guests' left. Both guys sat down and I swear Dusan looked ready to cry. The guests had threatened to enforce the late invoice payments in a terminal manner. We all dug into a crate of Russian vodka in 200ml size bottles. Those are Russian 'lunch pack' or 'breakfast' sizes and Ricky was thinking of reselling then into the local shops with an English label translation. So I poured about 20ml into my glass and put the screw cap back on. I was idly screwing the cap down as Ricky talked, when I realised the cap was not catching any screw thread; then it became apparent that there weren't any. This is the 'Oh screw it cap' in Russian beverage. Who needs one after the bottle is opened.
Prompted by a readers question. Soda Lake DMV question WARNING Spoiler Alert When Mike bought an airline ticket and requested to ship a gun in his baggage, they scanned his Colorado DL which was fake, though Airlines would not know at the time, only that his picture matched his face.. When after the LV N/M killings, OC Detectives searched all flights to/from Las Vegas they found the scan of his Driver Licence image and then found D/L was fake but the image was real, then checked National DMV Database. This turned up his home address, Confirmed by Sophie when questioned under Miranda. They hit the house with SWAT and got his DNA. Then in turn would eventually find his DNA in evidence found in Norries home You can't escape CSI and your DNA